Security doors with high burglary protection

The advanced systems on the security doors – πορτες ασφαλειας D75 and D90 are RC2 certified in terms of their anti-burglary protection.

Our house is our castle! It protects us from external factors and is a place where we feel comfortable and absolutely safe. For this reason, Alfinodoor has ensured that its systems meet the most stringent safety standards.

In particular, the company’s front doors provide a high level of security and prevent breaches by would-be burglars. The advanced systems D75 and D90 are RC2 certified for their burglary protection according to the internationally recognized standard “RC – Resistance Classification”.

Alfino Doors, once again, are at the forefront of developments and offers a new product, specially adapted to market conditions and requirements for quality, certified, and economical solutions, offering professionals the smart security system for main entrance doors, with great commercial success.

The Alfino security doors were designed and are available in the domestic and foreign markets, through the commercial distribution network of the company, in order to protect and strengthen its customers from the difficult economic environment.

It includes all the absolutely necessary profiles, accessories, and panels for the main entrance door, in the quantities and lengths that are required only. This element in combination with the competitive prices has the effect of reducing the costs for the Alfino partner, giving him the necessary competitive advantage.

In addition, mistakes, two-tones, and delays are avoided, as it is the most complete solution, which is provided with the guarantee of Alfino. The range of options covers all the requirements for the main entrance, as it includes from very economical to special and upgraded solutions-proposals in the field of security and energy saving.

The wide range of options of Alfino security doors leads to a final result with impeccable aesthetics and excellent performance in all critical technical categories. It is no coincidence that it has gained impressions in the market and is a valuable tool for professional door manufacturers.

The categories of are as follows:

Endless options for security doors

Alfino DOORS are the best financial proposal for security doors. The doors are available in three types of chassis, the DOOR ECO, the DOOR ECO PLUS and the S14.

All three chassis options have an opening width of 180o, 2 height and width adjustable hinges, a windshield, an opening limiter and EPDM tires in the frame.


The DOOR ECO chassis is of standard dimensions (width 90-96-102 cm and height 205-211-216-220 cm) and includes:

  • 12 locking points
  • Galvanized sheet metal wallet with reinforcements for additional security and stability
  • Security lock small key with gear and grinder, with 5 keys and ownership card

Respectively, the new Alfino offer model, DOOR ECO PLUS, is available in the same dimensions and combines the following features:

  • 18 locking points
  • Galvanized sheet metal wallet with reinforcements for additional security and stability
  • Security lock – κλειδαριες ασφαλειας with small key, with 5 keys and ownership card
  • Possibility of construction in free dimensions.

A variety of materials & aesthetic options

Alfino security doors are available in different models:

  • Modern with modern lines (Pivot, with glass lining, glazed with railings, fixed frames with Triplex glass and railings)
  • Aluminum or aluminum with INOX elements
  • Solid with solid wood
  • Traditional type
  • Zebrano with typical pattern
  • Pantographic
  • Laminate

The choice of colors for all security doors varies from Laminate, Anigre or Oak, Zebrano for doors not exposed to rain (interior), while for exterior doors available Plywood, Okume or Oak and aluminum cladding in all available paints (RAL, Sable, Structura, Futura, Imitation wood).

The products are accompanied by handles and knobs in various types (ball, straight bar, arched bar, etc.) and colors (INOX, bronze, gold and nickel).

Security locks options:

security doors with high burglary protection- security locks


Chassis S14 burglary protection class 3

The S14 chassis, class 3 in burglary, is available in free dimensions up to 125 cm wide and 250 cm high and includes:

  • 14 locking points
  • Rock wool insulation inside the wallet
  • Galvanized sheet metal wallet with triple reinforcement along the door for extra security and stability
  • High quality regulator for better opening and closing of the door
  • ISEO gear lock with small key R6 PLUS
  • Possibility of installing electromechanical lock FIAM ISEO X1R, possibility of entry using electronic key, keyboard or fingerprint.

In addition, Alfino security doors have certificates:

  • Anti-burglary,
  • Heat permeability,
  • Sound insulation.

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