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For many it is the most beautiful and imposing island of the Cyclades. Universal truth that the sunset of Santorini is a life experience.

A common secret that, in relation to its neighboring islands, it lags behind on its beaches and that the people who flock in the summer, from every corner of the earth, make it difficult to enjoy, but also the comfort of travel.

Megalochori is one of the villages you must visit to get a different taste of the island, perhaps more authentic. It is a picturesque and beautiful landscape, without being affected by tourism, it is no coincidence that Megalochori according to many is a sample of “it should be Santorini”.

The pre-eminent traditional sweet of Santorini is the melitini, small sweet pies filled with mizithra (something like the Cretan skaltsounia), while the honorary ones are also the tsourekia and the drunken cookies.

Santorini may not have the most enchanting beaches, but based on its location it is the southernmost island of the Cyclades. So if you want to have the opportunity to make your first dive in the spring, then Santorini seems to be the ideal destination for you.

The castle of Emporio

The castles were fortified settlements, where the houses were built glued to each other, so as to form a single wall, and usually had a main entrance from the inside. The Venetian castle of Empori began to be built in the 15th century, around 1,450 AD. It was later extended beyond its fortifications. It is one of the five castles of the island and the best preserved today, as it is inhabited. An important ecclesiastical monument of the settlement today is the church of Panagia Mesani with its ornate bell tower, of the 16th century.

Entering the fortified settlement from its impressive “Door”, it is worth getting lost in the labyrinth formed by its narrow alleys, where houses, small stairs and terraces, galleries and bridges are mixed. The castle is inhabited, so in our tour of it we must respect the privacy of its inhabitants. If we “climb” on a terrace we will enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding area and the hill of Gavrilos opposite the windmills.


Santorini is a destination, which – among other things – is offered to dive in its clear blue waters and experience the magic of the volcanic seabed.

Visit to Finikia

One of the most interesting – and perhaps not so popular – settlements on the island, is that of Finikia in the northwestern part of Santorini, very close to Oia. In the past, the majority of farmers and viticulturists lived in Finikia, while it is worth noting the houses surrounded by masonry walls made of black stone, while the predominant color is white in combination with salmon, blue and red. An alternative way to get to the settlement is through Profitis Ilias of Oia, which is located on the path that connects Oia with Fira and lasts less than 10 minutes. It is an uphill path that starts from the carriage road and goes up with cobbled stairs to the church. Coming from the path from Fira, Profitis Elias is the second small church we meet after Agios Vassilios.

Old Port of Fira

Another interesting route worth following is to the Old Port of Fira. To descend to it, we suggest the cable car that is the connecting link with the city of Fira. This pioneering project can transport 1,200 people per hour while covering the distance in 3 minutes. The view during the descent is imposing! For your return, we suggest you climb the 587 steps on the cobbled path with the donkeys that you will find at the entrance of the port. Experience the unique ascent in the traditional way that the inhabitants of the island have been circulating for decades!

Extra tip

In the summer, Santorini is “drowned” by tourists and the prices of the accommodation in question skyrocket. It is worth booking a room overlooking the Caldera – the feeling of waking up in the morning and facing the volcano is unique. Just be sure to choose a hotel that will be open several days before your visit. The cave rooms for which the island is famous are very cool in the summer, but in the spring they have a lot of humidity, and if they are closed for months before they can make your stay really unpleasant.

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