(Save more than Rs 2600 annually on your electricity bills)

What are the most energy consuming appliances in your household?
Chances are you’ll look towards the ACs, the geysers, the coolers, the lights,
the washers & dryers…. but one hardly bats an eye on the most common
appliance in more than 74% of households in India. Yes, the ceiling fan.
They’re up there all the time and in most parts of India, they run for about
14-16 hours a day, every day, throughout the year. Actually, it’s the goldmine
of energy saving no-one thought of tapping into until few years ago, Orient
Electric launched the new range of super-efficient, super-silent fans called
the AeroSeries starting with the Aeroquiet. Orient has since upgraded and
launched newer, more efficient versions of its AeroSeries fans including the
AeroStorm, AeroCool, and the revolutionary, super-stylish AeroSlim which comes with
IoT support and inverter technology.

When we got the brief of the event, the first thing – the only thing, rather – mentioned on the brief was “How can India save 10.4 crore MWh of energy annually?” To elaborate, here are some key facts and figures on electricity consumption in India:

So yes, you can see that fans take up 14% of the entire energy
consumption in a regular household. And we’re talking about a household which
has all the basic modern appliances such as AC, coolers, geysers, refrigerator,
washing machine, etc. (If you fall into this category, then this chart is
more or less applicable to you as well.)
And if a household does not
utilize high energy consuming appliances such as ACs and geysers, the share of
fans on that pie would be much higher.

Armed with this data, lets understand the financial aspects from an
individual household as well as national level.

The annual power consumption of fans in India is 19.5 crore MWh (the
14% of the pie) which costs consumers roughly Rs 1.27 lac crores (not lac,
not crores……lac crores, means 1.27 lac times crores)
in electricity bills,
just for fans. The data was extracted from roughly 24.8 crore households, which
make up for about 74% of the entire fans penetration in India. If you do the
math, it comes out that an average household spends around Rs 5200 per year on
electricity bills for fans alone. That’s crazy. It seems if we are looking for
ways to reduce our electricity bills, we need to address the eleFANt in
the room.

Now, what Orient Electric’s new i-Series fans claim to deliver is up to
50% savings on these energy consumptions. That means you save up to Rs 2600
annually. This is some next level crazy. This is epiphany.

Knowing this huge potential, Orient Electric, one of India’s largest brands for consumer electrical products launched the first of its kind IoT enabled, 100% inverter technology based ceiling fans called the i-Series (not to be confused with the BMW i series). These new super-efficient, super-silent range of fans claim to reduce energy and electrical consumption by up to 50%.

Orient Electric Launches i-Series Inverter Fans, On a Mission to Save more than 10.4 MWh of Energy Annually
Orient Electric Launches i-Series Inverter Fans, On a Mission to Save more than 10.4 MWh of Energy Annually

Here are some salient features of the new i-Series fans:

  • Saves up to 50% electricity – (dope)
  • BEE 5 Star rated (as per latest BEE regulations) (cool)
  • Deliver 15% more air (nice)
  • Can go up to 330 RPM (insane)
  • Powered by some….ECM technology??? (not exactly sure what it is LOL)
  • Inverter technology, so no issues with voltage fluctuations (good job)
  • Very silent operation (awesome)
Orient Electric Launches i-Series Inverter Fans, On a Mission to Save more than 10.4 MWh of Energy Annually
Orient Electric Launches i-Series Inverter Fans, On a Mission to Save more than 10.4 MWh of Energy Annually

The company launched the following three new models in its first ever i-Series:

  • i-Float (available
    in IOT & Without IOT)
  • i-Floral (available in three variants, i-Floral
    03, 02, and 01)
  • Hector 500 (built for high-speed, available in
    three colours)

Speaking at the launch event, Rakesh Khanna, MD & CEO, Orient Electric Limited said, “We have been consistently focussing on developing products which are innovative and disruptive. Acknowledging the climate emergency, the rise of environmentally conscious consumerism and the Government’s push for energy conservation, we are proud to launch our new i-Series range of inverter motor based fans which are smart, energy efficient, IoT enabled, and environment friendly. The I-series range is another leap in this direction to bring world class technology at affordable prices. India is a huge market for fans and you can imagine the amount of energy savings and cost savings it can bring to the consumers and the country. It is our commitment to the cause of environmental protection by developing energy efficient products and contribute in reduction of carbon footprint.”

Atul Jain, Executive Vice President, Orient Electric Limited said, “This
is an opportune time for Orient to launch this range given that the BEE energy
efficiency norms are becoming mandatory for fans from July 2020. The fact that
these fans consume 50% less energy, means that the carbon footprint is also
He further added, “While traditional induction-motor based
fans consume 70-75W of electricity, Orient i-Series fans consume only 35W thus
reducing power consumption by half. With a modest assumption, if all fans
installed in India are replaced with i-Series fans, it will help the nation
save 10.4 crore MWh of energy* annually with cost saving of approx. Rs. 67780
crore. If the new ceiling fans sold also come with inverter motor, the savings
will be bigger and incremental. As a responsible brand, this new range is a
conscious effort from our side aimed at helping India to save energy and reduce
carbon footprint.”

i-Series – Pricing

Ranging between Rs. 2800 to Rs 5000, the i-Series range of fans are very affordable while offering the latest (and best) technologies money can buy in a ceiling fan.

Wrapping it up

There are already a number of energy saving  and IoT or remote enabled fans available in
the market. However, Orient Electric has always been on the forefront of coming
up with these innovative and disruptive products. These products not only address
the needs of the modern Indian consumer but also pave the way to a greener,
more sustainable lifestyle led by environmental friendly products.

Remember what I said about not knowing much about the ECM technology these fans are powered by, seems like Captain Cool here doesn’t seem to care much about it either….LOL. Here’s their latest TVC.

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