What should a parent know when their child goes to tutoring?

Tutoring ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα today is an integral part of the daily lives of parents and students. A student takes it for granted that he will take private lessons in the afternoons. Many students need extra reinforcement to do well in school and get the grades they need to get the positions they want in higher education.

But before sending their children, parents should do the right research to find what will pay off in their children’s learning. Below you will find what a parent needs to know about their child’s tutoring:

Good teachers in the profession

It is very important for a parent to know the teachers who will teach their child in the tutorial. But how can the parent be sure of the teachers since he can not attend the lesson? It is not enough for the parent to know the teacher who teaches his child. He needs to be sure that he is doing a good job and that the money he spends on tutoring brings the required results.

Teacher’s interest in students

Many teachers aim to cover the content of their lessons without having as their main concern the understanding of the lessons by the students. When the child goes to tutoring the parent can not know for sure if the teacher is really interested in learning the child and solving all his questions. As a result, the child does not fill in the gaps and stays behind in his lessons. Also the teacher’s interest can not only be focused on the learning development of his students but also on the intellectual development.

Method of teaching from the teachers

Many times the way a teacher teaches is not suitable for every child. Every student learns differently. There are many ways to learn such as visual or auditory. Other students can retain knowledge by reading it and others by listening to it. But does the teacher base this? Does he see how his student learns what he teaches? In order for the teacher to be able to judge the students’ performance, he must fully know the way his students learn in order to transmit the knowledge to him correctly.

Proper teacher education

Children need, in addition to the knowledge they will receive from teachers, to hear tips that will help them move forward. Positive and rewarding feedback often has the desired effect as it helps children to trust themselves and their potential. It is therefore important that teachers give children the right foundation, show them confidence and give them love. This way they will be able to achieve and achieve what they dream of.

That’s why the online tutorial Arctos was created, which aims to give every parent and every student what they ask for. Teachers give the right supplies to students and cultivate values ​​that will lead them to a proper course in the continuation of their lives. The parent can now know first hand how the lesson is done with the teacher and if his child solves all his questions without presenting gaps in the lessons.

Teachers from the group of tutors.gr

If you I have decided that you want to take a private lesson on any subject, then you should consider hiring a private tutor. Private tutors are available in every region of Greece, through the online platform of tutors.gr. You can easily find the subject you like in the search tab and create your own profile so that you can book your lessons and get to know more teachers!

Search the subject that you are interested in and after you find the teachers, find out their detailed info. For example, the age of the students they undertake, their region, their hourly rates, their availability and more! You can also send them a message and communicate with them outside of the platform in order to get to know them better, We eish that you will find your tutor via our platform!

And do not forget that some teachers are offering the option of online private lessons!

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