How to unclog the bathroom siphon in 2 minutes?

Obstruction of clogged bathroom siphon or Obstruction of floor siphon. Do it yourself or trust the obstruction experts Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου.

The blockage of a bathroom siphon, or the commonly unclogged floor siphon, is a common problem that we face almost daily. The bathroom floor siphon can clog, resulting in overflowing water and the bad smell of the bathroom.

The floor siphon plug is mainly due to the age of plumbing and sewerage of a building, as well as from the misuse of your sewer system.

The use of the floor siphon is very important, as it traps unpleasant odors inside the pipes. Over the years, however, it is possible that the siphon will clog due to organic and inorganic materials. Then the blockage of a bathroom siphon is necessary.

The floor siphon is very important for your bathroom, as it protects you from overflow in case of flooding from any water leakage, whether it is from the washing machine, sink or bathtub. So its excellent and uninterrupted operation is necessary.

Especially in case you have a shower, the correct use of the bathroom siphon is even more important, since the floor siphon drains all the water that falls on the floor.

If for some reason your bathroom floor siphon is clogged or does not drain the water at a fast pace, it is possible, in case of flood or other problems, that the water will end up in your living room, rooms or wherever the water may reach. If your siphon is not working properly or is underworking, contact –Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου– immediately for control and complete blockage of a clogged bathroom siphon.

Why does my bathroom siphon often clog?

The bathroom siphon is very useful and absolutely necessary since all three bathroom pipes belonging to the bathtub, sink and washing machine end up. So the proper operation of the siphon also requires the proper use of the other sources we mentioned. So everything ends up in the bathroom siphon such as hairs, fats, cotton, small objects, and everything else accidentally dropped in the pipes, so, with time and the use of soap and detergent, the siphon slowly clogs and the drainage of the water becomes slower and slower.

What do you have to do to keep the bathroom siphon from shutting up?

In order to keep the pipe as clean as possible and to minimize the problems created in its pipes by the hair, paper, detergents and soaps, you must, in any case, obtain the plastic perforated filter that enters the pipe of the bathtub that retains hair and objects while taking great care not to throw in the drains anything other than liquids.

How can you unclog the bathroom siphon yourself?

    1. Obstruction of a bathroom siphon with suction cup
      The obstructive suction cup is a very useful and necessary tool for various types of obstruction and should exist in every home. Take a suction cup and brush oil or Vaseline in the vent for better adhesion. Then with strong and steady movements, press the suction cup several times. Finally, pour hot water around 80 degrees either in the bathtub or in the sink of your bathroom to end up in the siphon and remove any residue.
    2. Obstruction  of a bathroom siphon with an obstructive snake
      Unclog the bathroom siphon using the manual hydraulic snake. Insert the snake into the drain and rotate it as you press it. Where you will encounter an obstacle, there is also the problem of blocking your siphon. Keep pushing, turning right – left the snake to bite into the barrier and with your power to break it down. Finally, pour 3-5 liters of hot water into your sink or bathroom, so that it in turn ends up in the bathroom siphon and draws any remaining residues.
    3. Obstruction of a bath siphon with boiling water and a mixture of baking soda and vinegar
      Pour 150-200 g. baking soda (about a glass) in your bathroom siphon. After 2-3 minutes pour a glass of vinegar. It is thus caused by the mixing of the two materials, an effervescent reaction that helps significantly in the breakdown of salts and organic-inorganic materials that are the main cause of blocking a bathroom siphon. Finally, fill a pot with water and let it boil. Carefully pour the water with a steady flow into the spout of the sink or bathtub. The hot water will end up in the siphon and remove any remaining residues on the walls of the pipe.
    4. Obstruction of a bathroom siphon with chemicals.
      We would not recommend this method for many reasons but mainly for its risk but also for the serious damage it can cause to your sewer system. Remember that you should always wear a glasses mask, protective gloves and space should be adequately ventilated.

You can’t unclog the bathroom siphon yourself, what are you supposed to do?

If you do not want to unclog your own bathroom siphon or you have not found a solution using the above methods of clogging a bathroom siphon, the obstruction company –Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου– are next to you with professionalism, reliability and consistency to completely rid you of all problems of blocking your siphon once and for all. The un-plug of a bathroom siphon is important to be done by a professional to avoid damage.

The technicians of Apofraxeis Antoniou are available 24 hours a day to give you a permanent, professional solution using the most correct, safe and effective methods, using modern tools and techniques that do not harm your health or your pipes.

They provide high-level obstruction services with responsibility and reliability. They come directly to your place for control of pipes with a camera, for effective obstruction of drainage by the hydro blast, for pumping water from flooded areas, for clogging wells of all types, for clogging gutters (vertical or horizontal).

They are also experts in clogging a kitchen sink, clogging of a toilet bowl, in bathroom sink blockages, which often afflicts households, bathtub blockages, and blockages in clogged siphons with permanent and lasting results.

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