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3 July 2020

Royal Holloway: An increased solution for USB security administration

An enhanced approach for USB security management

USB flash drives and other USB-connected details storage devices offer a straightforward way of producing data more portable and far more effortlessly transferrable. Nevertheless, their use presents stability threats that ought to be resolved. Apart from increasing the hazard of information theft, they have usually been utilised to transfer malware, at times with disastrous benefits. Tracing flash travel-assisted knowledge theft or malware to the culprit can pose a challenge to cyber safety industry experts and managers, but the dilemma can be dealt with with the assist of a novel USB monitoring process. This report outlines these a tactic, identifies what stability attributes these kinds of a system ought to have, and compares the new system with proven strategies.

Table Of Contents

  • The danger: Distress, damage, and disaster from a USB system.
  • Current strategies to deal with the USB risk: Strategies and shortcomings.
  • Using pre-whitelisted USB flash drives only.
  • What USB safety units need to go over.
  • A novel alternative that combines efficacy with expense effectiveness.


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